Growing food with less water

The Dry Farming Project, headed by researcher Amy Garrett, looks at lower-water ways of growing vegetables in western Oregon.

Learn more at the Dry Farming Collaborative, held every Tuesday this August.

Oregon's Agricultural Progress - Summer 2017

Oregon’s food starts with simple ingredients: soil, water, and sunshine. From these raw materials—and the innovation of growers—Oregon’s chefs, brewers, winemakers, and cheesemakers concoct some of the world’s finest foods and beverages

The Source - College of Agricultural Sciences Newsletter

The College of Agricultural Sciences is Oregon’s principal source of knowledge relating to agricultural and food systems, and a leader in the study of natural resources, life sciences, environmental quality, and rural economies.

Dean Dan Arp's Observations

OSU opens its doors every summer and welcomes K-12 students to campus. For some, this might be their first encounter on a college campus. They experience learning in a whole new way. It makes going to college seem possible. Read more in the Source

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College of AgSci alumni are known for making a difference. The involvement of our alumni is crucial to the College community.

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