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Disposable Electrochemical Microchip for On-Farm Detection of E.coli from Agricultural Water

Fall 2014 Faculty Seminar Schedule, Dept. of Food Science & Technology

Presenter: Fei Hei, Postdoctoral Research Associate


PAX Presents: Dr. Steven Strauss

Pi Alpha Xi’s invited speaker, Dr. Steven Strauss, will be speaking on “Rowing against the tide: Passions, pains and lessons from defending and developing GMO crops in agriculture


PAX Tulip Bulb Sale

OSU’s chapter of the National Honor Society for Horticulture, Pi Alpha Xi, will be selling tulip bulbs under the ALS Bridge on Friday Nov. 7th from 12-5:30 pm and in the…

Update from the Food Innovation Center

Fall 2014 Faculty Seminar Schedule, Dept. of Food Science & Technology

Presenter: Michael Morrissey, Professor and Director FIC


Nano-cellulose Based InnofreshTM Coatings for Preserving Pre- and Post-harvest Fruit Quality

Fall 2014 Faculty Seminar Schedule, Dept. of Food Science & Technology

Presenter: Yanyun Zhao, Professor

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Dan's Observations

Helping to shape research, education, and outreach for the 21st century

As we celebrate the 125th year of Oregon’s Agricultural Experiment Station, I think  about how our college is helping to shape research, education, and outreach for the 21st century.

For example, because we can access and deliver a vast amount of information electronically, our education increasingly emphasizes hands-on learning through experience. We listen when employers say they want graduates with skills in communication and teamwork that complement a strong foundation of disciplinary science. A degree from the College of Agricultural Sciences means knowing how to analyze information, discover new knowledge and how to apply it toward solving real-world problems.

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OSU News Release

Widely recognized OSU toxicologist dies, will receive Discovery Award

Oct 22, 2014
George Bailey, a toxicologist and international expert on carcinogenesis and cancer prevention, died at age 73.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Study: Could sleeper sharks be preying on protected Steller sea lions?

Oct 15, 2014
Pacific sleeper sharks, a slow-moving species thought of as primarily a scavenger or predator of fish, may be preying on something larger – protected Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska.… Read full story.

Oregon Hatchery Research Center to host open house, festival

Oct 14, 2014
The Oregon Hatchery Research Center will hold its annual Fall Creek Festival on Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Educated community no protection against a poor diet for children

Oct 9, 2014
Poor diets can affect even students from a highly educated community with easy access to quality food, a new OSU study suggests.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Rivers recover natural conditions quickly following dam removal

Oct 8, 2014
Rivers can quickly return to their natural state, both physically and biologically, following removal of dams, a new study shows.… Read full story.
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