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New technology tracks carcinogens as they move through the body

Dec 10, 2014
Researchers have developed a method to track through the human body the movement of carcinogens known as PAHs as they are biologically processed and eliminated.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Scientists prepare for another wave of tsunami debris, possible invasives

Dec 8, 2014
Tsunami debris is still arriving from Japan, nearly four years after the big earthquake, and each arriving item carries the risk of introducing non-native species to the Northwest.… Read full story.

Corvallis Science Pub focuses on Ebola

Dec 1, 2014
Patrick Iversen, a professor at Oregon State University, led the development of a drug that targets the genetic machinery of the Ebola virus. At the Dec. 8 Corvallis Science Pub, he will review what scientists know about Ebola and how the new drug works.… Read full story.

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