Combine, streamline and align your opportunities!  OSU undergraduates can start their master's degree now, before graduating!  Here’s how:

  • After you are admitted into the AMP program, you can enroll in nine credits of 500-level courses during your senior year that will count both toward the completion of your BS/BA degree and toward a MS degree in Applied Economics.
  • This “4+1” non-thesis program can be completed within a year, so if you complete your undergraduate degree in June, you can start your MS degree the following Fall and be finished at the end of the following Summer term.
  • A MS in Applied Economics can open new and exciting career opportunities, give you skills and training valued by employers in both the private and public sector, and could even be an important first step for students thinking about pursuing a PhD.
  • Enrolling in this program is about expanding your options without adding obligations – if you complete the 9 credits at the 500-level, finish your undergraduate degree and then decide that you want to pursue other opportunities, you are free to do so.  The program can fast-track your academic career, but only if you want it to!