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bountifulArt About Agriculture encourages artists to investigate the visual resources of the science and practice that sustains human life: agriculture. It strives to develop an understanding and appreciation of food and fiber production, especially among people not traditionally acquainted with agriculture.

Art About Agriculture was established in 1983 as the first annual arts competition and tour exhibit with an agricultural theme. It recognizes professional and emerging Pacific Northwest artists, creates a growing, dynamic, permanent collection of fine art based on, stimulated by, and portraying agriculture, and presents the permanent collection and tour exhibit to rural and urban audiences. The collection is exhibited by loan agreement throughout Oregon and other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you enjoy the artwork. You are welcome to contact us with comments about the exhibition.


This Everlasting Valley: Willamette River Valley and Basin

To celebrate the Willamette river valley and basin, one of North America’s most fertile agricultural regions, the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University is organizing its 33rd annual art exhibition for 2015: This Everlasting Valley: Willamette River Valley and Basin. This tour show, featuring agriculture and natural resources in Oregon’s Willamette river valley, completes the trio of This Everlasting Valley art exhibitions. (Read more...)

Image Gallery

Futago Kanon/Twin Goddess of Mercy
Kim Hamblin
Honey for the Queen, 2014
Cut Paper Assemblage

Art About Agriculture receives special grants

The College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University, has acquired four mixed media artworks by Portland artist Sally Finch, “Dryland Farming 3: Moro” (12” x 12”), “Dryland Farming 4: Pullman” (12” x 12”), “Dryland Farming 5: Spokane” (18” x 18”), and “Dryland Farming 6: Moscow” (18” x 18”.) The works of art were acquired with the assistance of the Ford Family Foundation through a special grant program managed by the Oregon Arts Commission, and sponsored in part by the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, the late Brenda and Gordon Hood, and the late Margaret Hogg. (View image gallery)