That's Disgusting (Fish Gene into Tomato)

That's Disgusting (Fish Gene into Tomato)
Acrylic on Canvas
Jenny M. Smith

In recent years I have become increasingly concerned with the quality of food we consume. We are led to believe that preservatives somehow enhance food, that antibiotics and hormones are perfectly safe additions to the meat and dairy products we eat and that processed foods are an acceptable alternative to fresh produce. There is also the alarming technology of genetically engineered foods. In my painting "Oh That's Disgusting" (titled after my granddaughter's reaction to the painting when it was explained to her) I have shown a process that seems to be straight out of science fiction. However, this is completely true. Scientists have created a frost-resistant tomato plant by adding an antifreeze gene from a cold-water fish to it. The three small paintings "Happy Birthday I, II, and III" have the appropriate 'E' numbers (food additives approved by the EU) written on top of the frosting. I hope that viewers of my work will be encouraged to think a little more deeply about what they consume.

Bend, OR