Acknowledgment of Safety Rules review (pdf)

Training Topic

Training materials

OSU general

OSU Environmental Health & Safety

Accident Reporting Process Flowchart

College of Ag Science Health and Safety Training Manual


1. (videos online – 8 modules – 97 minutes total of training)

2. video:  "Experimenting with Danger".  24min - provides an overview of challenges in laboratory safety at research universities, and includes review of fatalities at research labs at UCLA and Dartmouth and a lab explosion at Texas Tech University.

3. Right-To-Know Act Information

4. MSDS Online Safety Data Sheets

5. BEE Lab Safety Manual


1. OSU Shop Safety Website

2. OSU Shop Safety Instruction Fact Sheet


1. Fieldwork Safety

2. Field Safety Planning Form

Job Hazard Analysis

1. Job Hazard Analysis Manual

2. Job Hazard Identification & Control Fact Sheet

3. JHA Form (PDF)

4. PPE Form (Doc)


- Driver authorization form required

- No additional training required unless using 8 or 12 passenger van. If driving a van, visit the OSU Van Safety website, watch the Van Safety Video (37 minutes), then take the online Van Safety Test.

Working with minors

1. Read Youth Program Policies and Guidelines (pdf)

2. OSU's Mandatory Reporting Policy & Guidelines


Risk Management forms: