What is the Multicultural Scholars Program?

kalkidan llamaThe Multicultural Scholars Program is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to offer competitive scholarships to undergraduate students of diverse cultural backgrounds who are interested in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Food Science, or Human Health and Nutrition. The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) is for student members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the food and agricultural sciences, or first-generation college students, who are looking for research experience, professional development, good mentoring and support, and a relevant college education that will lead to a productive career or graduate/ professional school.

MSP Scholars receive tuition scholarships for up to a four-year period. They pursue a B.S. degree in BioResource Research in the College of Agriculture, and join MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences).

MSP Associates (2nd-year students) and MSP Mentors (3rd and 4th-year students) are BRR students who are already active in MANRRS. Students selected as MSP Associates or Mentors receive small scholarships and funding to pay for a trip to the National MANNRS conference. They participate in MSP program activities and serve as peer mentors for MSP scholars.

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For more information, contact BRR adviser Wanda Crannell