Analysis   Rush analysis 1-2 samples* 1-15 samples** 16+ samples** Sample is prepared for analysis*** Independent Student Price ****
Total CN plant  $18.70  $9.00  $8.20  $5.30  $3.70
Total CN (liquid)  $166.70  $22.40  $9.60  $3.80  $1.10
NO3-N  $24.70  $5.40  $3.70  $2.20  $1.10
Elemental analysis ICP (single element)  $28.90  $8.30  $6.50  $4.00  $1.90
Elemental analysis ICP (multiple elements)  $63.00  $12.90  $8.50  $5.50  $2.80
Combustion dry ash extraction  $6.00  $3.60  $3.40  $1.80  $0.20
Hot water extraction  $6.90  $4.50  $4.30  $2.60  $0.50
Heavy metal extraction  $44.20  $25.00  $23.30  $17.50  $1.50
Microwave digestion  $32.20  $17.80  $16.50  $5.50  $2.80
ADF Acid Detergent Fiber  $17.00  $9.00  $8.30  $4.50  $0.70
NDF Neutral Detergent Fiber  $17.00  $9.00  $8.30  $4.50  $0.70
Microbial respiration incubation  $39.50  $25.10  $23.80  $12.90  $2.20
Biodegradation testing  $54.60  $25.60  $23.00  $17.10  $1.10
Crude Protein  $18.70  $9.00  $8.20  $5.30  $3.70
Crude Fat  $18.20  $8.00  $7.10  $4.30  $1.60
Total Ash  $6.00  $3.60  $3.40  $1.80  $0.20
Processing fee per submission                                                       $5.40
Research, Development, or Training                                                      $40.00


Analysis Packages
Heavy Metals (pH, EC, Cd, Co, Ni, Pb, Cu, Zn)  $112.60  $40.60  $34.20  $24.40  $4.60
Plant Nutrient Analysis (C, N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Cl, B, Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, N)  $87.60  $25.50  $20.00  $12.40  $6.60
Forage/Feed Analysis (C, N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, ADF, NDF, Crude protein, Crude fat, Total ash, pH, moisture)  $145.30  $54.10  $46.00  $26.90  $9.90
Manure/compost analysis (C, N, NO3, NH4, P, K, Ca, S, Mg, Total ash, BOD)  $132.70  $43.00  $35.00  $22.20  $11.00

*Rush analysis is when client wants lab to process one or two samples right away (results within 2 days) and cannot wait for the lab to have other samples to run with their samples

**We should always be able to get samples back within 2 weeks, with the goal of <1 week turn around time. If you have one or two samples and can wait for someone else to submit samples you can pay this fee.

***The fee for "sample prepared" category is for students/collaborators who prepare the standards necessary, the wet chemistry needed, any weighing, drying or grinding, and have the samples ready to hand to the CAL Lab Tech who will do all of the work with the analytical equipment. This fee is discounted because it does not include the labor cost for preparing the standard or the labor cost of preparing the sample. Time for sample processing and mechanical maintenance as well as all consumables (materials and chemicals) are still included. Any training that the student needs in order to prepare samples can be done by their PI and confirmed by CAL or the student can be trained by a CAL technician and a $40/hour fee will be charged.

****The fee for "independent student" category is for students who have been recommended by their PI as being fully trustworthy and competent to run relevant equipment. This will require training time by the CAL laboratory technician, which will be billed at $40/hour.  It also requires that the student's PI take financial responsibility if the student damages equipment due to improper operation.  This fee is discounted because it does not include the labor cost of preparing the standards necessary, the sample prep labor cost, or the sample processing labor cost. It does include CAL Lab Tech labor cost for dealing with mechanical maintenance as well as the cost of all consumables. 

If results look abnormal we will re-analyze the sample at no additional charge

For more information please contact Shannon Andrews
O: 541-737-2187     C: 503-593-7434