Undergraduate Minor
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Class Location: 
Corvallis Campus

The Microbiology Program at OSU offers courses that study the diverse properties and roles of microbes with respect to human and environmental health. A selection of upper level courses lets students choose to emphasize different specialties, with strong representation of both pathogenic microbiology and environmental microbiology. The hands-on training with laboratory courses and opportunities for lab teaching assistantships and undergraduate research results in readily employable graduates. This program is a shared program between College of Science and College of Agricultural Sciences.

Career Paths: 

• help to control emerging and reemerging infectious diseases,
• harness microbes to produce green chemicals or to convert biowaste to energy,
• learn the environmental roles of the uncultured bacterial and archaeal majority on Earth,
• decipher the functions of the many unique genes found in prokaryotic and bacteriophage genomes.

Learn more: 

For more information, contact Dr. Linda Bruslind, adviser for Microbiology.