Dr. Alan Bakalinsky and Dr. Giovanna Rosenlicht recently co-led an 18-day study tour of Italy  for a group of 17 undergraduates from the College of Agricultural Sciences including majors in Animal Science, Agricultural Sciences, Ag & Business Management, Food Science, Botany, Recreation Resource Management, University Exploratory Studies, and Bioresource Research. The tour focused on sites of agricultural, historic and cultural importance in Veneto (northern Italy including Conegliano, Venice, Caorle), the island of Sardenia, and Rome. Agriculture-related visits included wineries, breweries, farms, dairies, processing facilities for cork, kiwi, mussels, coffee, prosciutto, bottarga (fish roe), vineyards for propagating plant material, a grappa distillery, and the FAO headquarters (UN Food and Agriculture Organization). Students also visited unforgettable sites in Rome: Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Vatican, Trastevere, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and got a taste of delicious Italian cuisine while relaxing together with their Italian hosts over lengthy meals.


"This experience inspired a bit of a passion for fermentation sciences.  
I learned so much about the process and find it incredibly intriguing.  
It has really shaped my perception and knowledge of Italy. It was a  
lovely country with a beautiful language that I was lucky to learn a  
few bits and pieces of. I greatly enjoyed learning about and feeling  
the culture. The tour was a really good idea to a taste of all the  
different agricultural treasures Italy has to offer. It was a bit  
overwhelming and busy at times, but all international travel is. I am  
so grateful to Alan and Giovanna for putting everything together and  
to Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences for facilitating the  


Photo Gallery of the Trip

The Group Pathway Eating Pizza Cheese Rounds Fermentation Tasting A nice meal Hops Cylenders Processing Cork Wine Corks Variety of Wines Fish uterous City on a hillside Learning Gathering around