Jeff Stoven heads the plant propagation program at Bailey Nurseries

College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Alumni Luminary Award

Jeff Stoven heads the plant propagation program at Bailey Nurseries, one of the largest wholesale nurseries in the nation. Jeff has risen rapidly in his early career, and is now responsible for propagating many of the beautiful plants we see in landscapes across the country.

Behind those beautiful flowers are a lot of progressive ideas and innovation. Jeff has revolutionized nursery propagation to produce superior plants using much less water, fertilizer, or other agrochemicals. And he has shared these innovations with researchers and graduate students in AgSci’s Nursery Production and Ornamental Plant Breeding programs.

Jeff has provided plant material to the College’s plant breeding program and propagated many of the new varieties developed by OSU’s plant breeders, freely contributing his time, labor, and supplies to test new ornamental shrubs. And Jeff is also a propagator of new talent. He welcomes OSU student interns to Bailey Nurseries, where he shares his progressive ideas and encourages the testing of new technologies.

Thank you, Jeff, for your generosity and collaboration.