Feature Stories


The edible biofilm could save a whole season's crop in a rainy year.

Reefs under siege

The Vega-Thurber Lab seeks to understand the effects of disease, bacteria and viruses on coral reefs.

Markus Kleber

Soil scientists believe that soil may be releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere faster than anyone thought.

Man-made logjams can provide ecological benefits to local waterways

Examining Genetically Engineered Crops Many Angles

The science of genetic engineering – from values to food safety.

OSU’s Marine Studies Initiative

Water issues come to the forefront with OSU’s Marine Studies Initiative

Microcosms for Nano

Summary How do nanoparticles in consumer products affect human health? 

Wren Patton

Working hard to understand and protect the Great Barrier Reef Ecosystem

A Range of Research

Rangeland science seeks to help inform policy and strengthen Oregon’s rural economies.


Oregon grows 99 percent of the U.S. Hazelnut crop, but more than 20 years ago, the future looked bleak. A disease called eastern filbert blight was threatening to devastate orchards. OSU researchers set to work, crossbreeding tree varieties for resistance to it. They've since released 18 cultivars that are resistant. Today, thousands of acres in Oregon are planted with varieties developed by OSU.