ANNOUNCEMENTS: Spring and summer 2017 opportunities are now posted! 

Welcome to the Fisheries and Wildlife Undergraduate Mentorship Program (FWMP) website! This program pairs undergraduate mentees with graduate mentors to facilitate scientific and professional training within the OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Since the beginning of 2015 we have successfully paired 52 undergraduates with 24 graduates/Postdocs in mentorships ranging from 1 to 5 terms. Ecampus students are eligible to apply, but please note that not all opportunities are available for remote participation. We also welcome participation from OSU undergraduate students that are not in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, but who have an interest in fisheries, wildlife, ore related fields. Applications are accepted year round, with the majority of new positions posted in early fall term for fall/winter research opportunities and late winter term for spring/summer research opportunities.

Undergraduates in the FW Mentorship program


Through this program you can gain hands-on research experience, develop professional tools and skills to pursue research and employment opportunities in fisheries and wildlife (or related fields), and make personal and professional connections with someone who can help you navigate the culture and logistics of science. 

Graduate students mentor FW students


Through this program you will gain hands-on experience in teaching, leading, and managing adult learners and in disseminating practical scientific skills, and will gain valuable scientific support for your research. In addition, you will gain practical mentoring experience that will be crucial throughout your careers.

How the Programs Works

  • Step 1: Prospective mentees identify prospective mentors with whom they would be interested in working, and either contact the mentor directly or submit an online application

  • Step 2: Mentee applications are forwarded to prospective mentors.
  • Step 3: Prospective mentors review applications and set up one-on-one meetings with prospective mentees.
  • Step 4: Pairings are finalized jointly by the prospective mentors and mentees, and the graduate mentor guides all further research and professional development activities for as long as mutually agreed upon (e.g., one term, year-long, summer only, etc).

Check out or FAQs page to learn more

Interested in joining the program?

UNDERGRADUATES: Apply HERE! OR contact prospective mentors directly.

Check out the the graduate student mentor list to learn more about available opportunities! Mentor profiles are updated and added throughout the year, so check back regularly if you do not see an opportunity that fits your needs or interest. 

GRADUATES: Contact the FWMP coordinators.

Questions about the program?

Check out or FAQs page, or contact the Mentorship Team:

Program Coordinators

 Matthew Ramirez                     Scarlett Arbuckle