Undergraduate Minor
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
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Corvallis Campus
Animal and Rangeland Sciences

There are two paths one can take to get a degree in Animal Sciences. The Pre-Vet Med / Science Option is designed for students who are pursuing a degree with the intent to move on toward vet school or other graduate-level coursework. The Animal Management Option is geared more toward students wanting to graduate with a bachelor's degree and move into industry-level positions. However, students may still apply for graduate school with the Animal Management Option (just not vet school). Neither degree is necessarily "better" than the other, and they do share many similarities. Please discuss both options with your advisor to select which may be right for you.

  • Pre-Vet Med / Science Option
  • Animal Management Option
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For more information, contact Jim Hermes or Dodi Reesman, advisers for Animal Science.