Operating Units

faculty and students taking a break by the river

Academic Departments 

Agricultural Education & Agricultural Sciences
Applied Economics (formerly Agricultural and Resource Economics)
Animal and Rangeland Sciences
Biological & Ecological Engineering
Botany and Plant Pathology
Crop and Soil Science
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Fisheries and Wildlife
Food Science and Technology

Academic Programs

BioEnergy Education
Bioresource Research Program
Entomology Program
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Science Program
Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program
International Double-Degree Program
Natural Resources Program
Eastern Oregon Agriculture and Natural Resource Program
Sustainability Double-Degree Program

Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station

Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station
Extension and Experiment Station Communications

Branch Experiment Stations

Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center
Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
- OSU Seafood Research and Education Center
Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center
- Burns
- Union
Food Innovation Center Experiment Station
Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center
Malheur Experiment Station
Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center
North Willamette Research and Extension Center
Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center

CAS Centers, Institutes and Programs

Art About Agriculture Program
Biotechnology in Agriculture 
Center for Agricultural & Environmental Policy
Center for Small Farms
iFerm (TM)
Integrated Plant Protection Center

Leadership Academy

Marine Mammal Institute   
Small Farms Program
Sun Grant
Oregon Wine Research Institute

Affiliated Centers, Institutes and Programs

Aquafish Innovation Lab
Center for Agricultural & Environmental Policy (CAEP)
Center for Fish Disease Research
Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing
Environmental Health Sciences Center
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Institute for Natural Resources
Institute for Water and Watersheds
- Willamette Water 2100
Linus Pauling Institute (LPI)
Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center

OSU Marine Sciences

Oregon Climate Change Research Institute
Oregon's Global Warming Commission
Rural Studies Program
Superfund Research Center

Other Affiliations

OSU Extension Service
College of Forestry
College of Liberal Arts
College of Health and Human Sciences
University Honors College
Oregon State University Cascades Campus
College of Science
College of Veterinary Medicine

Service Units