November 2012 Student of the Month: Andrew Futerman

Andrew Futerman

Andrew Futerman
College of Agricultural Sciences
Student of the Month
November 2012 – Service Learning

Andrew served his country for five years in the United States Army. He says he joined as a boy and left as a man. He learned that no matter the obstacles, there have always been worse things.

The Army gave him tools, experience and a model of self-discipline that is now carrying over into his educational pursuits. Skills he attained such as problem solving, thinking outside the box, punctuality, teamwork, compass, maps, GPS skills, and survival carry over into his academic work. He has succeeded in making good grades and being on the Dean’s List. Service learning continues in his volunteer work with the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center where he is honing skills of animal care and husbandry, and being President of a non-profit men’s health and fitness organization, gaining people skills and focusing attention to detail.

Andrew is a Fish and Wildlife Biology major who, in his spare time, plays the drums and enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, reading and cooking.