October 2012 Student of the Month: Joshua Etherton

Joshua Etherton

Joshua Etherton
College of Agricultural Sciences
Student of the Month
October 2012 – Internships

Josh spent June through August 2012 doing an internship at the Oregon Department
of Fish and Wildlife Lookingglass Hatchery. He worked with spring Chinook on the
Imnaha River, determining sex, fork length and whether the fish were of hatchery or
wild origins. His internship also provided a long list of other practical experiences.

He discovered that resource management must include sociology, ecology,
economics, cultural and historical context to be successful and inclusive. He said his
time on the Imnaha River will forever influence his views on what it takes to be a
successful manager, and how to promote healthy policies for resources.

Josh is a Fisheries and Wildlife major specializing in marine ecosystems. He expects
to graduate in 2014.