May 2012 Student of the Month: Katarina-Victoria Perez

Katarina-Victoria Perez

Katarina-Victoria Perez
College of Agricultural Sciences
Student of the Month
May 2012 – Study Abroad

Katarina-Victoria went to Chile to work with an environmental, non-governmental
organization on conservation initiatives and environmental education campaigns.

She reflected that by immersing into a wonderfully unfamiliar environment, she had
to challenge her own paradigm and adapt, and in many cases, integrate into that of
others by being open-minded without compromising the integrity of her own core
values and beliefs. She learned the value of truly believing and relying on her own
moral, emotional, mental and physical strength.

Katarina-Victoria will graduate in June 2013 with a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife with a
Political Science Minor, a BS in Zoology, and a BA in International Studies. She is
looking at a career in international environmental policies.

Katarina-Victoria Perez