January 2013 - Student of the Month: Magdalena Pope


Magdalena Pope
College of Agricultural Sciences
Student of the Month
January 2013 – Leadership

Magdalena sees leadership as more than the stereotypical view of overseeing others.  It is the development of working as a team, listening to others’ input and being the type of role-model others want to be like.  One must be mindful that others are watching your behavior.  Leadership development takes a lifetime to learn.

Actively serving and leading in Air Force ROTC, she has graduated as a Fellow of the Leadership Academy, and received OSU’s prestigious Waldo-Cummings Award for outstanding academic achievement, extra-curricular collegiate and leadership roles.  She has raised two brothers while attending college, has participated in volunteer and club activities, and set a record of 59 pushups in one minute.

Magdalena will graduate with her bachelors in Agricultural Sciences with a minor in Animal Sciences in June 2013.

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