Due Date: 
April 21, 2017

Step 1 Proposal (Step 2 due 5/22/2017).  The overall objective of Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) solicitations is to select projects providing Earth science higher level data products and services driven by NASA’s Earth science goals. MEaSUREs may include infusion or deployment of applicable science tools that contribute to data product quality improvement, consistency, merging or fusion, or understanding. An Earth System Data Record (ESDR) is defined as a unified and coherent set of observations of a given parameter of the Earth system, which is optimized to meet specific requirements in addressing science questions. These data records are critical to understanding Earth System processes; are critical to assessing variability, long-term trends, and change in the Earth System; and provide input and validation means to modeling efforts. Emphasis is placed into linking together multiple satellites into a constellation, developing the means of utilizing a multitude of data sources to form coherent time series, and facilitating the use of extensive data in the development of comprehensive Earth system models. This ROSES element provides an opportunity for the research community to participate in the development and generation of data products, which complement and augment the NASA produced and distributed Earth science data products available to the research community and other stakeholders. Proposals responsive to this call MUST utilize at least one satellite data set, preferably NASA sponsored data set.