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Oregon's Agricultural Progress Magazine

OAP is the research magazine and report to taxpayers of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station.

 The Source

The Source

e-News from the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University.

 Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity

Oregon's Land Grant University is helping to Build Bridges to Prosperity.

News Articles

Kill a juniper tree, save a sage grouse

There’s good news for the West’s imperiled greater sage grouse. New research suggests the bird has a better chance of survival when juniper trees are removed from its habitat.

40 trail cam photos that reveal Oregon's hidden wildlife

There is a part of Oregon that no one will ever see with their own eyes. It is filled with wolves, foxes, bears and other creatures undisturbed by human activity. In fact, it is the very absence of humans that defines this unseen world... more

See Antarctica as you have never seen it before - with a whale's eye view

Dr Ari Friedlaender, from Oregon State University, is tagging whales to get a picture of what a day in the life of a whale is like – helping them to understand feeding patterns, social lives and other behaviours.

‘Well-deserved honor’ National Onion Association lauds station director for efforts in ag, onion industries

Clint Shock, Malheur Experiment station director, was inducted into the Onion Growers Hall of Fame in 2012, and now has been honored by a national onion industry organization.

NASA Space Laser Used To Explore Ocean Plants In The North Pole

NASA's technologies are commonly used in space explorations however, it can also be used in climate and environment research. The NASA space laser was used to take measurements of planktons and study the boom-and-bust cycle of ocean... more