Committee Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Variety Release Advisory Committee (VRAC) is to review cultivar and germplasm release proposals, including both Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) proposals and joint release proposals from cooperating agencies or states, and to make appropriate recommendations to the Director of the OAES. Additionally, the Committee will review related policy and procedural matters.

Current Committee Organization

The Committee members serve 5-year renewable terms.  Committee members are appointed by the Director of the OAES.  One member will be elected Chairperson for a 3-year renewable term, which allows for sharing of and transitions between leadership.   The Chairperson will be a voting member and will be responsible for circulating proposals, calling and conducting meetings, and forwarding Committee recommendations to the OAES.

Committee Membership

  • Jim Myers, Chair (HORT)
  • Shawn Mehlenbacher (HORT)
  • Shaun Townsend (CSS)
  • Sandy Smith (CSS)
  • Chris Mundt (BPP)
  • Ryan Contreras (HORT)

Participating Departments of Horticulture (HORT), Crop & Soil Science (CSS), Botany & Plant Pathology (BPP)