Varietal Release Process, in general

  1. OAES or the Committee Chairperson (Chair) receives from an originator breeder a release proposal which provides, as applicable, the information recommended in Proposal Content. If only OAES receives the proposal, OAES will forward to the Chair after a preliminary review. A letter of transmittal or other indication of endorsement from the Head of the originating department or agency must accompany the proposal. Additional information may be requested by the Chairperson or OAES before the Committee considers the proposal.
  2. The Chairperson will obtain a Committee vote (a majority vote being required for recommendation) by either:
    • Forwarding the proposal to members, followed by a Committee meeting
    • Use of a email ballot with the option of a Committee meeting when requested by a member
  3. The Chair will report the Committee recommendations to the Director of the OAES.
  4. The OAES will act on the Committee recommendations and inform the originating department, state, or agency of its decision
  5. The OAES will send copies of the proposal with an invitation to join in the release to the Directors of the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station and Washington Agricultural Research Center, and when appropriate, to the Agriculture Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of California Agricultural Experiment Station, and other regional Agricultural Experiment Stations. The Director of the OAES will inform the following:
    • the originator of the action taken by the cooperating states and agencies [see decision tree or multistate varietal release flowchart],
    • the supervisor of the originator of the action taken,
    • OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications (EESC) of a release, and
    • OSU Office of Technology Transfer of a release.
  6. After action by the Directors or appropriate agency administrators, the originator will assist EESC in preparation of news releases and prepare other needed announcements for U.S. Agricultural Experiment Stations, seed companies, and other logical recipients.
  7. Registration of the variety with the appropriate agency will be the responsibility of the originator.


Oregon release                                    

Multiple state release, Oregon originated

Release originating outside of Oregon

         CRITERIA for OSU participation in multiple state releases


Proposal Content

       Proposal Content