Whether you’re passionate about healthy water and wildlife, finding novel cancer treatments, creating sustainable cities or feeding the world, you can find what you’re looking for in the College of Agricultural Sciences. Our students work alongside stellar faculty in the lab, in the field, and internationally. Their experiences in the classroom and beyond give them the foundation for their future careers – and their impact on the world.

College of Agricultural Sciences Careers & Internships Networking Receptions: February 18, 2015 and April 22, 2015

An opportunity for students of the college of Agricultural Sciences to network with industry professionals in an informal reception setting. (More details...)

Student Success Stories

February Student of the Month: Shao Yun

Shao Yun’s study abroad experience was coming to Oregon State University from China! She attended an information meeting with a friend and thought, “why not learn a new language?” She says it has been a bittersweet journey with the language barrier and culture shock, but she pushed through and mastered English and meeting new people.

February Student of the Month: Ashley Luechauer

Ashley’s study abroad experience was teaching English to elementary age children in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. She says the experience enlightened her on what a great privilege education is. “Seeing the excitement in these children about what I was teaching them made me realize the value of my knowledge.

January Student of the Month: Anthony Dulaney

Anthony has been an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Mike Penner’s lab working on membrane-­‐assisted electrolysis to recover caustic soda from alkali processing.

December Student of the Month: Zachary Van Hoesen

I’m convinced the strongest and most effective leaders are forged through service. My experiences last summer have facilitated tremendous strides of personal learning and just as a surgeon can be a leader in the medical community by using skills to serve his patients, I too will lead by serving the less fortunate.

November Student of the Month: Raven Waldron

Raven says attending the SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) National Convention as a freshman opened many doors for her.

Class of 2013 - Timothy P. Nicholson

Tim Nicholson will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business Management, Summa Cum Laude.

Class of 2013 - Alejandra Marquez Loza

Alejandra Marquez Loza will graduate with an Honors Bachelor of Science in BioResource Research Interdisciplinary Program with option specialization in Toxicology and a minor in Chemistry with a 4.0 GPA.

May Student of the Month: Emily Hepler

Emily Hepler reflects that having an internship in the wilderness classroom taught her things about life and how to truly live.

April Student of the Month: Dylan McDowell

Dylan McDowell, pictured with members of the Maasai Tribe during a homestay, spent 6 months in Zimbabwe on an internship, followed by a study abroad program in Tanzania through the School for International Training. He focused on wildlife conservation and political ecology. He says these opportunities changed his world view and were phenomenal life experiences.

March Student of the Month: Eric Larson

Eric Larsen is working as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Jennifer Parke’s laboratory. His own research has targeted P. ramorum, (Sudden Oak Death pathogen) control in nursery irrigation.

February Student of the Month: Warre Gawlik

Warren has put into practice his own style of team building as president of the OSU Turfgrass Club. Warren implemented a club calendar so club members knew what was expected of them ahead of time.  He employed weekly emails, texting and Facebook to communicate.  He found that club meetings don’t have to be entirely academic; having fun also creates a natural environment to build strong relationships that are essential to building a team.

December Student of the Month: Jon Calhoun

Jon has had opportunity to put into practice his own leadership style as the owner of a groundskeeper/landscape design business, as a manager and prep cook at a pizza restaurant, as an officer in the Agricultural Executive Council, Collegiate FFA and as a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.  He is currently a Fellow in the Leadership Academy

November Student of the Month: Jessica Budge

Jessica has been serving as the 2011 Oregon Dairy Princess-Ambassador.  Over the course of her service, she has made over 100 appearances throughout the state of Oregon doing presentations in schools and Farmer’s Markets.  She has found it rewarding to work with kids and see their faces light up when they learn something new.

October Student of the Month: Mee-ya Monnin

Mee-ya is on a six month internship with Dr. Markus Horning of the Marine Mammal Institute, studying the thermoregulation of Weddell seals.  Four months of her internship was at the Hatfield Marine Science Center for preparation and calibration of equipment, followed by six weeks in Antarctica participating in field work

OSU post-grad student wins $5,000 grant

An Oregon State University masters student in the College of Agricultural Sciences was one of three students nationwide to be named a winner of the Watson Fellowship Program. Tod Blankenship is a graduate research assistant in OSU's turf management program.

Food science team wins regional championship (LIFE@OSU)

The 2011 Oregon State University IFTSA (Institute of Food Technologists Student Association ) has been named Western Regional College Bowl champion.

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