The E.R. Jackman Internship Support Program provides financial assistance to students in low-paying or volunteer internships. Funds may be used to help offset a variety of expenses including transportation, living expenses, projects, and research. If you have questions, please contact:

Dr. Dale Weber
Internship Support Committee Chair
(541) 737-2144 or

College of Agricultural Sciences
Academic Programs Office
(541) 737-2211

An application with a list of selection criteria and quarterly application deadlines can be obtained from the College of Agricultural Sciences, Academic Programs Office, 147 Strand Hall or by using the link below.

Internship Support Application


E.R. Jackman Internship Support Program Awardees Summer 2000 - Current

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2015

Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Intern for One People One Reef, Yap, Micronesia
  Food Science & Technology Intern Cheesemaker, Poligny, France
  Horticulture Assistant Harvest Manager, Connecticut
  Bioresource Research Research Assistant, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Action for Cheetahs Researcher, Kenya

Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Research Technician and USFWS Volunteer, Idaho
  Agricultural Sciences Intern, Bonn, Germany

Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Field Technician, Glacier Bay, Alaska

Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Salmonid Researcher, Leaburg, Oregon
  Food Science & Technology BES Experimental Initiative Intern, Astoria, Oregon
Spring 2015 Agricultural Sciences Intern for Propogation of Native Ferns, part 2, Hawaii
  Bioresource Research Assistant Researcher in Natural Products Laboratory, Corvallis
  Bioresource Research Research Assistant on Glacier Change and bio-resources, Alaska
  Agricultural Business Management Oregon Cattlemen's Association Intern, Corvallis and Salem
Winter 2015 Agricultural Sciences Intern for Propogation of Native Ferns, Hawaii
  Animal Sciences Undergraduate Researcher, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Corvallis
Summer and Fall 2014 Zoology, Fisheries and Wildlife Science Sea Turtle Researcher, Costa de Oro, Costa Rica
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Undergraduate Researcher, Phoenix Islands
  Horticulture Superintendent Intern, Pronghorn Golf Club
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Avian Researcher, Oregon Coast Range Mountains
  Food Science & Technology Global Wine Industry Intern, Puglia, Italy
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Conservation Intern, Puerto Rico and Panama
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Wildlife Technician, Central Oregon
  Animal Sciences Ungulate Intern, Wildlife Safari
  Food Science & Technology Intern Cheese Maker, Poligny, France
  Environmental Economics and Policy Procurement Merchandiser, CHS Inc., MN
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Sea Turtle Monitoring, Kyparissiakos Bay, Greece
  Horticulture Horticulture Internship, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, MN
Spring 2014 Fisheries and Wildlife Science Conservation Education Volunteer, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  Bioresource Research Research Assistant, HJ Andrews Research Forest
Winter 2014 Agricultural Sciences Legislative Intern, Oregon Farm Bureau
  Animal Science Intern, Lady-Lane Farm, Mulino, OR
  Crop and Soil Science Forestry Tecnician (Soils), Chillán, Chile
  Bioresource Research Undergraduate Researcher, Linus Pauling Institute
Summer and Fall 2013 Fisheries and Wildlife Science Environmental Intern, Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary
  Horticulture Organic Farming/Gardening Internship, OSU
  Agricultural Sciences Congressional Intern of Representative Greg Walden
  Horticulture Farm/Sustainable Living Intern, Birch Creek Arts and Ecology Center
  Agricultural Business Management Research Assistant, OSU Horticulture Extension Office
  Fisheries and Wildlife Animal Care Intern, Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre
  Bioresource Research Research Technician, OSU Crop and Soil Science
  Fisheries and Wildlife Mangrove Field Technician, Honduras
  Agricultural Business Management Livestock Department Intern, Oregon State Fair
  Fisheries and Wildlife Education Intern, Winston Oregon Wildlife Safari
  Fisheries and Wildlife Volunteer/Educational Tours, Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center
  Fisheries and Wildlife Cape Tribulation Tropical Research Station Intern, Australia
  Bioresource Research Field Ecologist, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
  Fisheries and Wildlife Diving Assistant/Fisheries Technician, Bahamas
  Bioresource Research Research Assistant, OSU CEOAS
Spring 2013 Fisheries and Wildlife Wildlife Health Technician, Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge
  Fisheries and Wildlife Elephant Nature Foundation
  Horticulture Herbalism Apprentice, Columbine's School of Botanical Studies
  Bioresource Research Student Research for Oregon State University COAS
  Fisheries and Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Studies Intern, Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre
Winter 2013 Fisheries and Wildlife Veterinary Assistant, Esther Honey Foundation
  Wildlife Management Intern, Cheetah Conservation Fund
  Fisheries and Wildlife Coastal and Marine Ecology of the Indo-Pacific, Wildlands Studies
  Fisheries and Wildlife Intern/researcher, CODEFF
Summer and Fall 2012  Fisheries and Wildlife DROP/Deschutes River Basin Steward with Trout Unlimited
  Fisheries and Wildlife Marine Conservation Education, National Museum of Bermuda
  BioResource Research Undergraduate Research Intern, Department of Microbiology
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sea Grant Scholar Program
  Fisheries and Wildlife Wildlife Management Intern, Nyati Conservation Corps
  Fisheries and Wildlife Yucatan Wren Research Assistant
  BioResource Research Wheat Research Assistant, Department of Crop and Soil Science and Department of Food Science and Technology
  Environmental Economics and Policy Oregon Farm Bureau Intern
  Fisheries and Wildlife Intern, Soundwatch Whale Museum
  BioResource Research Research Assistant, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
  Fisheries and Wildlife Trinidad Guppy Project
  BioResource Research Undergraduate Research Intern, Hoelz Laboratory at the California Insitute of Technology
  Fisheries and Wildlife Wildlife Intern, Yosemite National Park
Spring 2012 Fisheries and Wildlife Metro Regional Parks and Greenspaces Avian Monitor
  Fisheries and Wildlife GIS Technician Intern for Oregon Parks and Recreation
Winter 2012  Animal Sciences Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Animal Sciences 
  Environmental Economics and Policy Intern, Congressman Greg Walden
  Fisheries and Wildlife Intern, Tualatin River Watershed Council
  Fisheries and Wildlife Attendee, Society for Marine Mammalogy 19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals
  Fisheries and Wildlife Intern, Comite Nacional Pro Defensa de la Fauna y Flora
  Fisheries and Wildlife IE3 Internship with Equilibrio Azul
Summer and Fall 2011 BioResource Research US Forest Service Turtle Mapping
  Fisheries and Wildlife Marine Conservation Education, National Museum of Bermuda
  Environmental Economics and Policy Intern, Congressman Schrader
  BioResource Research Independent Research Technician, OSU College of Pharmacy
  Environmental Economics and Policy PolitiCorps Fellow, The Bus Project
  Horticulture Turfgrass Intern, The Olympic Project
  BioResource Research Lab Researcher, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
  Horticulture Horticultural Assistant, Barking Moon Farm
  Fisheries and Wildlife Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference
  Agricultural Business Management Marketing Assistant, Hogar Para Ninos Necesitados, Mexico
  Environmental Economics and Policy Intern, Congressman Greg Walden
Spring 2011 Fisheries and Wildlife Volunteer Intern, EE Wilson Wildlife Area
Winter 2011 Fisheries and Wildlife Nga Manu Nature Reserve, New Zealand
  Fisheries and Wildlife Intern, Las Cruces Biological Reserve, Costa Rica
  Fisheries and Wildlife Nearshore Habitat Science Technician, Coastal Watershed Institute
  BioResource Research Dairy Nutrition Research Associate, OSU Department of Animal Science
  BioResource Research Undergraduate Research Assistant, OSU Linus Pauling Institute
  BioResource Research Research Assistant, USDA-ARS HCRL
Summer and Fall 2010 BioResource Research CIEE Research Station, Bonaire, Student Research Intern
  Animal Science Willow-Witt Ranch
  Crop and Soil Science Nicaragua, Directed Study and Research
  BioResource Research Field Lab Research Intern
  Fisheries and Wildlife Hainan, China, Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Intern
  Animal Science Costa Rica, Wildlife Sanctuary
  Fisheries and Wildlife USFWS California Condor Recovery Program Intern
  Horticulture Guatemala, Long Way Home Organization Intern
  Fisheries and Wildlife Idaho, Wolf Education and Research Center Intern
  Ag. Business Management Crook County Extension Service
  Animal Science ODA Food Inspector Trainee
  Fisheries and Wildlife Hainan, China, Sea Turtles 911 Intern
  Animal Science Selway Bitterrot Wilderness, Intern
  Environmental Science San Diego, Marine Mammal Care and Training Intern
  Rangeland Ecology and Management The Dalles, Interpretive Ecology Assistant
  Fisheries and Wildlife Holar, Iceland
  BioResource Research Honduras, Global Water Brigade
Spring 2010 Fisheries and Wildlife Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Workshop, Job Shadow
  Zoology Oregon Zool, Conservation and Research Intern
  Fisheries and Wildlife Southwestern Research Station, Arizona Intern
  Fisheries and Wildlife Avian Influenza Sampler
Fall 2009 Zoology Namibia, cheetah conservation
Spring and Summer 2009 BioResource Research City of Gresham, tracking urban pesticide use
  Fisheries and Wildlife Hatfield Marine Science Center, marine education
  Fisheries and Wildlife NW Ecuador, bear tracker
  Horticulture North San Joaquin Valley, CA, field scout
  Zoology Namibia, cheetah conservation
  Fisheries and Wildlife Thailand, conservation student volunteer
Fall 2008 Crop and Soil Science Christchurch, New Zealand, crop research asst
  EEPM Washington, D.C., congressional intern
  Fisheries and Wildlife Table Mt. National Park, South Africa
  ABM AgriVenture, Australia, dairy assistant
Summer 2008 Fisheries and Wildlife Coop Wld Res Lab, Carbondale, Illinois
  Botany Urban Horticulture, OSU
  Animal Science White Wolf Sanctuary, Tidewater, Oregon
  Fisheries and Wildlife Global Vision Intl. Boston
  Food Science Food Tech, OSU
  Horticulture Horticulture, OSU
  Botany Corn Crop Diseases, Purdue
  Horticulture Eugene Country Club, Eugene
  Horticulture Bailey Nurseries, Yamhill
  BRR Willamette Ag Consulting, Intg. Pest Mgmt, Salem
  Animal Science Esther Honey Foundation, Cook Islands, Raratonga
  Crop and Soil Science AGRA for West Africa, Ghana
  Horticulture Oregon Gardens, Silverton, Oregon
Winter 2007 and Spring 2008 Agric. Business Mgmt. OSU Extension, LaGrande, OR
  BioResource Research OSU Horticulture, Corvallis, OR
Summer and Fall 2007 Agric. Business Mgmt. Harvest Capital Ag. Financing, Canby, Oregon
  Animal Science Veterinary Services of Oregon, St. Paul
  Fisheries and Wildlife Cheetah Conseration, Otjiwarongo, Namibia
  Fisheries and Wildlife Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge, Newport
  Agric. Business Mgmt. Harlows Hills West Coast WorkingSheep Ranch, Milton-Freewater
  Bioresource Research Weed Seed Bank Project, Corvallis
  Fisheries and Wildlife Santa Barbara Zoo, California
  Agric. Business Mgmt. Baker Valley Vector Control, Baker City
  Animal Science Dept. Land/Natural Resources, Wailuku, Hawaii
  Botany OSU Organic Growers Club, Corvallis
  Fisheries and Wildlife Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, Eatonville, Washington
  Natural Resources The Nature Conservancy, Bethesda, Maryland
  General Agriculture Grupo PM, Mexico
  Horticulture Monrovia Growers, Dayton, Oregon
  Animal Science Farm Bureau Salem Governmental Affairs, Salem
  Horticulture Pilmour House Street, Andrews, Scotland
Spring 2007 Zoology

Esther Honey Foundation
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

  Animal Sciences Oregon Farm Bureau
Salem, OR
  Bioresource Research College of Veterinary Medicine
Oregon State University
  Agricultural Business Management Heartland Humane Society
Corvallis, OR
  Horticulture Cinco Estrallas Organic Farm
Junction City, OR
Winter 2007 Bioresource Research

Horticulture Department
Oregon State University

  Fisheries and Wildlife

New Zealand Department of Conceruation


Cinco Estrellas Farm
Junction City, OR

  Agricultural Business Management

Heartland Humane Society
Corvallis, OR

Summer/Fall 2006 Fisheries & Wildlife

Portland State University
Frenchglen, Oregon


Blue Heron Farm

  Bioresource Research

OSU - Microbiology Dept

  Environmental Economics, Policy & Mgt

House Resources Committee
Washington DC


The Olympic Club
San Francisco, CA

  Horticulture / Botany

The Berry Botanic Garden
Portland, OR

  Fisheries & Wildlife

Foutt National Forest
Yamp, Colorado

  Fisheries & Wildlife

US Fisheries & Wildlife
Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge

  Fisheries & Wildlife

Hawksbill Turtle Recovery Project
Hilo, Hawaii

  Fisheries & Wildlife

Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Salem, Oregon

Spring 2006 Bioresource Research

Crop and Soil Science

Corvallis, Oregon

  Environmental Science

Iyk Ami

Costa Rica


Prairie Dunes Country Club

Hutchinson, Kansas

Winter 2006 Fisheries & Wildlife

Brad's World of Reptiles

Corvallis, Oregon

Summer/Fall 2005 Fisheries & Wildlife

Pacuare Nature Reserve

San Jose, Costa Rica


Findhorn Ecovillage College

Findhorn, Scotland

  Agricultural Econ. Environ. Econ., Policy, and Mgmt.

Office of Congressman Greg Walden

Washington, D.C.

  Animal Sciences

Lakeview Animal Hospital

Lakeview, Oregon

  Fisheries & Wildlife

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake, Oregon

  Natural Resources

Temperate Forest Foundation

Beaverton, Oregon

  Fisheries & Wildlife

Hermiston Experimental Station

Enterprise and Hermiston, Oregon

  Animal Sciences

Esther Honey Foundation

Cook Islands

  Fisheries and Wildlife

Mexico State University Ecology Department

Sonora, Mexico

Spring 2005 Animal Sciences / Bioresource Research

Department of Animal Science

Corvallis, Oregon

  Animal Sciences

Equestrian Center

Littleton, Colorado

Winter 2005 Fisheries & Wildlife

Starfish Ventures Limited

Rayong, Thailand

  Animal Sciences

OSU Veterinary Research Lab

Corvallis, Oregon

  Bioresource Research / Rangeland Resources

Lincoln University

Canterbury, New Zealand

  Animal Sciences

Morgan Manor

Philomath, Oregon

  Animal Sciences / Bioresource Research

Department of Animal Science

Corvallis, Oregon

  Fisheries & Wildlife

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Summer/Fall 2004 Food Science & Technology International research with sheep’s milk cheeses
  Bioresource Research North Willamette Research & Extension Center
  Animal Sciences - Pre Vet College of Vet Med
  Horticulture National Clonal Germplasm Repository
  Fisheries & Wildlife EE Wilson Wildlife Area
  Agricultural & Resource Economics Marketing Solutions Firm
  Fisheries & Wildlife Cheetah Conservation Fund
  Animal Sciences Interstate Veterinary Clinic
  Bioresource Research Institute for Cultural Ecology
  Wildlife Science Oregon Zoo
Spring 2004 Fisheries & Wildlife Willamette Valley NWR Complex
  General Agriculture Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
  Fisheries & Wildlife Pacific Wildlife Research
Winter 2004 Wildlife Science Dept of Conservation-Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  General Agriculture Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
  Fisheries & Wildlife Charles Darwin Foundation
  Fisheries & Wildlife OSU-Dept of Fisheries and Wildlife
Summer/Fall 2003 Environmental Economics Congressman Greg Walden, Washington D.C.
  Fisheries and Wildlife Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Troy.-elk calf mortality
  Bioresource Research/ Chemistry National Park Service Alaska
  Fisheries and Wildlife U.S. Fish and Wildlife Alaska King Salmon
  Food Science Technology Dept. of Food Science Cornell University New York
Spring 2003 Animal Sciences / Chemistry Cheetah Conv. Namibia Africa
Winter 2003 Food Science Tech./ Bio Resource Research Crop Science Bldg. Lab Procedures
  Bioresource Research/ Animal Sciences Campus College of Vet. Med.
  Fisheries and Wildlife USDA-Salem
  Fisheries and Wildlife Cheeta Conv. Namibia Africa
Summer/Fall 2002 Fisheries and Wildlife ODFW-Roseburg
  Ag. Business Management Walt Disney World-Florida
  Animal Sciences American Morgan Horse Association-Vermont
  Horticulture Arctic Organics-Alaska
  General Agriculture Western Oregon Livestock Association
  Ag. Business Management Western Video/Shasta Livestock-California
Spring 2002 Horticulture Benton County Juvenile Dept. Community Garden Project
Winter 2002 Horticulture Mount Hope College-Portugal
  Fisheries and Wildlife Rainforest Ecology-Costa Rica
Summer/Fall 2001 General Agriculture/ID Communicating for Agriculture Exchange Program-Argentina
  AREc Congressman Greg Walden-Washington DC
  Ag. Business Management International Ag Exchange Program-Australia
  Natural Resources/ID USFS Colville National Forest
  Fisheries and Wildlife ODFW Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit
  Horticulture Monrovia Nursery
  Fisheries and Wildlife USFS Oregon Dunes
Spring 2001 Fisheries and Wildlife Cheetah Conservation Fund-Africa
  Fisheries and Wildlife Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  Ag. Business Management Oregon State Legislature
  Ag. Business Management Walt Disney World-Florida
Winter 2001 Bioresource Research/ID Jatun Sacha Biological Reserve-Ecuador
Summer/Fall 2000 Fisheries and Wildlife USFWS-King Salmon, AK
  Fisheries and Wildlife School for Field Studies-Australia
  Fisheries and Wildlife ODFW-Newport
  Bioresource Research/ID OHSU-Portland
  Fisheries and Wildlife ODFW-Central Point