Climate Adaptation in East Africa

Participatory development and testing of strategies to reduce climate vulnerability of poor farm households in East Africa through innovations in potato and sweet potato technologies and enabling policies. 

Regional Approaches to Climate Change in PAcific Northwest Agriculture (REACCH PNA)

The Regional Approaches to Climate Change in Pacific Northwest Agriculture (REACCH PNA) is a coordinated agricultural project committed to sustainability and building resiliency in cereal production systems. It gathers scientists from three Land-Grant Universities in Idaho, Washington and Oregon and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Connecting with wheat and barley farmers, and using innovative methods, this team is dedicated to ensuring agriculture and grain production will endure future climate change.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Climate Change and Water Program - African Adaptation Research Centres Initiative

The TOA Team is collaborating with the IDRC Project: Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Water resources in the greater Horn of Africa (GHA), through one of the Project's lead institutions, the Sokoine University of Ariculture, Tanzania.