Jack Breen III

Chief Business Officer
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Office: 541-737-5909

Hovland Hall

Hovland Hall 2C

2700 SW Campus Way

2700 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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AgSci/Marine BusinessCtr

JACK P. BREEN III received his BA (Communication Studies) and MBA degrees from California State University, Sacramento.

From 1986-1990, Jack held accounting and financial management positions at Pacific Bell in Sacramento, San Jose, and San Ramon California.

From 1990-2005, he held positions at the Oregon Public Utility Commission.  During the last six years of his tenure, he was the Program Manager of Electric Rates and Planning.  He managed a team of economists and analysts responsible for a number of program areas, including rate policies, electric industry restructuring, tariffs, energy efficiency, renewable resources, and cost analysis.

On October 1, 2005, Jack became the Chief Business Officer of the College of Agricultural Sciences.  In close coordination with the dean and associate deans of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Jack is responsible for

  • Leading the College's team of fiscal and human resource professionals;
  • Managing the teaching, research, and outreach budgets and results;
  • Managing the human resource functions;
  • Developing and implementing fiscal policies and internal controls;
  • Overseeing audit and reporting activities;
  • Integrating and improving management information systems; and
  • Ensuring that the College's leadership is regularly and systematically apprised of the status of budgets and related management information.

Jack and his wife Janis have four children.

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