Mallory Rahe

Extension Community Economist and Instructor
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Ballard Extension Hall

Ballard Extension Hall 240C

2591 SW Campus Way

2591 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Rahe specializes in rural development and examines local economic development decision making and resources. One of her on-going research interests is the monitoring of rural prosperity and understanding the contributing factors for why some rural communities maintain vitality and others do not. Her dissertation examined the interactions between financial capital, social capital, and cultural capital in the long term development of rural communities. Follow her blog at Building Rural Communities/.

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Applied Econ Extension
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Rural Development Economics and Policy (AREC 454/554)

Rural Economics of People and Place (AREC 299)

OSU Main Campus

Mallory Rahe, in her position as an Extension Community Economist at Oregon State University, works with community groups across the state that are engaging in economic development projects or considering public investment options. As an Extension agent she has also collaborated with colleagues on multiple evaluation projects and offers resources to help the public better utilize and interpret secondary data sources. Rahe is part of the Rural Studies Program at Oregon State University and has collaborated with Rural Development Initiatives to bring a rural wealth creation economic development program to Oregon.

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