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BES Faculty mentor: 

The purpose of the Branch Experiment Station Experiential Learning Experience is to provide an avenue for OSU undergraduate students (especially lower classmen) to obtain a unique off-campus experience they might not otherwise have the opportunity to have in an on-campus environment.  Projects that link students to stakeholder issues and the stakeholders themselves are preferred.  Please briefly describe in the form provided below the undergraduate student experiential learning experience you propose at your BES facility. 


  • To help the students understand what they will be asked to do at the facility, please include clear and specific student expectations and project expectations. 
  • If a certain skill set or experience level is preferred, please indicate that under the section "job description". An example of a specific skill could be the ability to operate manual shift. If a valid driver's license is required, please also indicate that in this section.
  • Students may opt to participate in this program any term, please indicate the term that is best suited for the project.  If multiple terms are suitable, then check all terms that are possible.
  • Recall – this program is open to any undergraduate student currently at OSU.  It is not necessary for the student to be in an agricultural field of study.  Writing should therefore be tailored towards lower classman comprehension and please avoid jargon as much a possible.


  • By agreeing to participate, you are committing to provide at least 50% of the total funding for this award (i.e. $3000).
  • If your facility has the ability to offer student’s housing for free or at a discounted rate, please indicate this in your proposal.  Additionally, you can adjust the hourly wage to account for including a housing benefit.


Check with the Director of your facility for submission protocol.  Submissions must be received by Katie Gaebel, no later than January 15, 2017.

Submission Template (.docx)

Upload your completed BES Internship Faculty Project here. The template form can be found above. The file should only be in a docx format. For any questions, please contact Katie Gaebel.

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