A leader in Land Grant university communications with “deep roots” to OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences has won top national recognition from his professional association.

Dave King, associate provost for Outreach and Engagement at Oregon State University, has been awarded the 2012 Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Professional Award—the highest award conferred by ACE. The award recognizes contributions to the communication and information technology profession over an extended career.

King was a faculty member from 1976 to 1990 in the College’s communications unit. He then served as department head for a similar unit at Purdue University and subsequently directed the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications System for eight years. He returned to OSU in 2006 to head the Department of Extension and Experiment Station Communications and then was named to the position he now holds as associate provost.

King was recognized for his leadership in a variety of efforts including the production, with OSU colleague Andy Duncan, of a Public Broadcasting Service documentary film special entitled “The Cowboy in Mongolia” in 1989. He has played a key role in developing a national impact reporting system and establishing a leadership institute for communications professionals.

Other communications professionals at Oregon State were recognized along with King at the ACE national meeting in Annapolis, Maryland. They are:

  • Ariel Ginsburg, publishing manager of OSU’s Department of Extension and Experiment Station Communications, received the Western Region Pioneer Award for her leadership and participation in managing educational and publishing projects for OSU Extension.
  • Peg Herring, department head of Extension and Experiment Station Communications, received the Outstanding Professional Skill Award, a silver award for Writing for Magazines, and a gold award for Writing within a Specialized Publication.
  • Lynn Ketchum, video producer and photographer with Extension and Experiment Station Communications, received a gold and silver award for Environmental Portrait or Personality Photo and a gold and bronze award for Picture Story.

Additionally, OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications was honored with the silver award for Magazines and Periodicals (Oregon’s Agricultural Progress magazine), and the bronze award for Special Report.