Terns needed:   Summer, Fall

Aerial photography flights will take place during the summer but image analysis and data analysis will be on-going.  

Faculty mentor name: Kristine Buckland

BES Facility:  NWREC

Location (town) of internship:   Aurora, OR

Hourly Salary: $13/hour         Expected hours/week: 30 hours per week

Are Housing Benefits included in addition to hourly salary? no

Student will be operating vehicles or farm equipment/machinery. Student will need to submit a driving background.


Plant stress such as too little water, insect damage, or disease damage can be detected through photography. This project is the start-up of a new program for the early detection of plant stress indications using aerial photography. We will be starting to use a drone for taking photos and hope to detect early signs of plant stress. We will compare phtotgraphs over time and with visual ratings of the plants.


The BES intern will be helpful in organizing and analyzing the images and comparing the images to visual indications of plant stress in the field. This will involve indoor time at a computer, with data management skills needed. The intern needs to be familiar with spreadsheets, digital photography and be willing to learn new technology skills. The intern will also be expected to help take visual ratings in the field which involves outdoor work, for approximately 1-2 days per week for 2-3 hours per day.