Exploring World Agriculture

2019 Educational Study Tour: Peru


2018 Educational Study Tour: Republic of Palau, Micronesia

For sixteen days in September, students learned about food systems, natural resource management, and sustainability on the beautiful island nation of Palau. See pictures and videos from the trip and read about their activities on their blog.

2017 Educational Study Tour: Costa Rica

The course will expose OSU students to important issues facing global agriculture in Costa Rica. Download the flyer now >


2016 Educational Study Tour of France

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Educational Study Tour 2014:  AgriTrekking Italy

A walking tour of Italy was planned for September, coordinated by Dr. Molly Megraw from Botany and Plant Pathology. 


The 2014 Exploring World Agriculture Educational Tour in September will brought OSU students to Italy,in the regions of Abruzzo and Umbria, departing from and returning to Rome. The two-week tour led by Dr. Molly Megraw (Botany and Plant Pathology) included the following visits.


  • Raising of local vegetables and herbs unique to the Apennine Mountain region
  • Milking, feeding, and shearing of sheep
  • Cheese making of local sheep and goat cheese such as ricotta
  • Making of fresh pasta
  • Production of olive oil
  • Production of fruits from Abruzzo, and fruit products such as marmalade
  • Tending of vineyards
  • Energy self-sufficiency and waste re-use on a solar energy based farm
  • Production and tasting of products from Umbria: truffles, melon, sausage
  • Visit to historic castles and monasteries built in medieval times
  • Students may opt to stay on their own beyond the tour dates for historic sites in Rome

Map of Italy

"The experience was unforgettable and I hope to visit Italy again sometime within the next couple of years. It was more than I expected and gave me the opportunity to meet lots of great people and make a new group of friends."

Educational Study Tour 2012: Tour of Italy


Dr. Alan Bakalinsky and Dr. Giovanna Rosenlicht co-led an 18-day study tour of Italy  for a group of 17 undergraduates from the College of Agricultural Sciences including majors in Animal Science, Agricultural Sciences, Ag & Business Management, Food Science, Botany, Recreation Resource Management, University Exploratory Studies, and Bioresource Research. The tour focused on sites of agricultural, historic and cultural importance in Veneto (northern Italy including Conegliano, Venice, Caorle), the island of Sardenia, and Rome. Agriculture-related visits included wineries, breweries, farms, dairies, processing facilities for cork, kiwi, mussels, coffee, prosciutto, bottarga (fish roe), vineyards for propagating plant material, a grappa distillery, and the FAO headquarters (UN Food and Agriculture Organization). Students also visited unforgettable sites in Rome: Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Vatican, Trastevere, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and got a taste of delicious Italian cuisine while relaxing together with their Italian hosts over lengthy meals.

2012 Tour of Italy

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