Term needed: Summer, if possible, it would be nice for the student to begin work in Spring 2018 on a part-time basis.

Faculty mentor name: Catherine Durham

BES Facility: FIC

Location (town) of internship:  Portland

Hourly Salary: $15.00 Expected hours/week: 10

Student may be asked to work on weekends or outside of 8-5. FIC interns sometimes work during special events, and in this position travel for data collection. However most of the work will take place during regular working hours.

Are Housing Benefits included in addition to hourly salary?: no

Student will be operating vehicles or farm equipment/machinery. Student will need to submit a driving background.



The duties of the Food Marketing intern at the Food innovation Center will include economic analysis, literature review, data entry and checking, and communications to collect data or work with FIC clients. In addition to economic research, the intern will have opportunities to contribute to food science studies and consumer testing as part of multidisciplinary projects. Projects in which the intern will assist include a survey to evaluate wine club strategies, the Market Research for Market Readiness protocol (find online) which helps food entrepreneurs evaluate new products, and a project looking at organic fruit sales. Excellent experience for students interested in food or agricultural marketing or economic research.


For this project, the student intern will be expected to spend 8-40 per week (funds allow for 10 weeks at 40 hours per week, $15/hour) doing applied research and outreach. Student should have prior experience with Excel spreadsheets, and preferred coursework includes price analysis, statistics, and food marketing. It is possible for the student to begin work part-time during Spring term.