Term needed: Any      

Faculty mentor name: Christina Hagerty      http://agsci-labs.oregonstate.edu/cerealpathology/

BES Facility:  CBARC

Location (town) of internship: Adams/Pendleton

Hourly Salary: $15.00 Expected hours/week: 40

Student may be asked to work on weekends or outside of 8-5.  Most weeks we work 7:30 – 4pm M-F, However Student may be asked to work 40 hours as 4-ten hour days in some weeks.

Are Housing Benefits included in addition to hourly salary? no

Student will have interaction with minors or access to hazardous chemicals. Student will need to complete a criminal background check.

Student will be operating vehicles or farm equipment/machinery. Student will need to submit a driving background.



Septoria leaf blotch (SLB) is a yield-limiting pathogen of wheat worldwide. Farmers utilize fungicide sprays to combat SLB infections and maintain yield. However, through the process of natural selection, prolonged fungicide use can result in fungicide-resistant SLB infections. I.e., the fungicide no longer works to kill the pathogen, which can hurt profitability for farmers. We have collected many SLB samples and have good reason to believe they are fungicide resistant. Our goal is to determine if the samples are fungicide resistant through a series of lab assays. Results of the project will be utilized in our effort to help farmers maintain sustainability and profitability of wheat farming.



For this project, the student intern will be expected to spend 30-40 hours per week indoors in a lab, 10 -0 hours per week outdoors.

The intern will be working directly with other lab members to develop the project work plan as part of a general research effort in the program. Occasionally we may ask the intern for help with field work.

1)      Learn sterile technique

2)      Learn pipetting technique

3)      Manage weekly fungicide resistance assays

4)      Help maintain a clean and safe working environment

Interest in science/agronomy and farm experience is desirable.

Required skills: Timeliness, good attitude, attention to detail. Previous laboratory experience and/or pipetting experience is desirable.