Term needed: Summer

Faculty mentor name: Kenneth Frost

BES Facility: HAREC

Location (town) of internship: Hermiston, OR

Hourly Salary: $15/hour                                Expected hours/week: 40 hours/week

Are Housing Benefits included in addition to hourly salary? no

Student will have interaction with minors or access to hazardous chemicals. Student will need to complete a criminal background check.

Student will be operating vehicles or farm equipment/machinery. Student will need to submit a driving background.



This internship is in the plant disease diagnostics clinic located at the Hermiston Agricultural Research & Extension Center (HAREC). HAREC is located in Hermiston, OR at the center of 450,000 acres of high yielding, irrigated crop land in North central Oregon and South central Washington's Columbia Basin. The plant disease diagnostics clinic serves the agricultural region by providing assistance identifying pathogens that cause plant disease and providing educational information about plant diseases and their management to the grower community. The clinic clientele include agricultural producers (e.g., farmers, nursery owners), agricultural professionals (e.g., crop consultants, arborists), home owners/gardeners, Extension staff and Master Gardener volunteers, and state and local government. The student intern will work directly with and report to the plant disease diagnostician at HAREC. The student intern will experience the day-to-day and seasonal activities that occur in the plant diagnostics clinic in a major agricultural area. They will also learn and perform both traditional and molecular techniques that are used to diagnose plant diseases – and use that knowledge to support the testing of plant and insect samples submitted for diagnostic services. In addition to supporting day-to-day plant disease diagnosis, the intern may be asked to develop, with input from the diagnostician and/or principle investigator, a small research project to be completed over the course of the internship. The intern may be asked to assist with the writing of a weekly newsletter and/or present diagnostics data/information to growers in an informal setting as requested by the diagnostician or principle investigator.



For this project, the student intern will be expected to spend 40 hours per week in an indoor laboratory. Much of the work will involve isolating and identifying fungal, bacterial, and viral plant pathogens. Previous experience with general laboratory equipment, techniques associated with plant pathology, microbiology, and/or molecular biology is desirable. Intern will need to effectively interact and communicate with the clientele of the plant disease diagnostics clinic. Intern must be able to work both independently and as part of a team. Strong organizational and time management skills are desired. Intern may be asked to enter data into spreadsheets, draw conclusions about diagnostics assays, and summarize the significance of lab results.