Term needed: Summer 

Faculty mentor name: Ann Colonna/Aimee Hasenbeck

BES Facility: FIC

Location (town) of internship: Portland

Hourly Salary: $15/hr Expected hours/week: 40

Student may be asked to work on weekends or outside of 8-5.

Occasionally we may run weekday evening focus groups or weekend taste tests at farmers markets or food festivals.

Are Housing Benefits included in addition to hourly salary? no



 The Sensory intern will be assisting the Sensory Program Manager, Sensory Specialist and other Sensory Program Staff with all aspects of sensory testing.   Duties will include: meeting with clients to discuss overall testing objectives, putting together a budget and formal proposal, building screeners in Qualtrics, performing a full category review with the sensory team and client, emailing and calling for the recruitment of consumers from an existing database using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook, advertising through Craigslist and other sites, preparing the test ballot in the data acquisition system Compusense, potentially working with the Institutional Review Board on consent forms, preparing the test design and serving order, printing labels, making copies, the coding of serving materials, food sample preparation, serving food samples to consumers and clean up of the sensory reception facilities post test, analyzing testing results and preparing a full report for the client. Consumer tests are conducted both at the FIC laboratory complex in Portland and off-site. The laboratory complex includes a reception area, 10 booths and a staging area, a descriptive analysis/focus room, observation area and a commercial kitchen.  The student intern will gain excellent real world, hands on skills in dealing with clients and administering sensory tests from beginning to end.  Students will be responsible for reporting these results to FIC staff upon completion of their internship.


See above for specific duties.  Most work will be done at the FIC sensory lab, but occasionally we may go offsite to other venues for client work.