Program area: Oregon Sea Grant - Fisheries

County where project will take place: Lincoln

Project Contact: Kaety Jacobson, Newport

Pay: There is funding for transportation available for the fishing survey project; other on-going projects are unpaid community engagement projects

Brief Description of Project: Students would assist in implementing a survey to commercial fishing vessel owners. The survey is to determine both interest and vessel capabilities for participation in marine research opportunities with Oregon State University. Often researchers need vessels to conduct their research but have a difficult time connecting with commercial fishermen or
don't know which vessels have the capabilities they need to conduct the research (i.e. which vessels have a crane, can operate past 3 nautical miles, can pull a net, etc). This survey would create a comprehensive list of all commercial fishing vessels in Oregon and the capabilities these vessels have.
The list could then be sorted and given to researchers based on the needs they have. Students participating in this project would be: helping keep track of which surveys have been returned by fishermen, entering those responses into a program like qualtrics, calling fishermen directly (if they
did not complete a mail in survey), and helping to tabulate results.

Note: I would like more than one student 2-3 would be ideal as the list of fishermen
that need to be interviewed is extensive and I anticipate a low survey response rate via mail. I do have grant funds from the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center that I can use to pay for travel or other student expenses. So this request is NOT for funding, but rather help in
locating potential students and having them be a part of the larger experiential learning program. Please contact me to discuss this if needed.

Last day for this project is March 14.

On-going projects:  summer: Shop at the Dock activities – opportunity for a student to work with the public, fishermen on doing public education