Developing a working relationship with your Academic Advisor

2 people at a computerAcademic advisors within the College of Agricultural Sciences take on a myriad of roles.  While they are the main point of contact for students through their academic progress, advisors also serve as counselors, mentors, instructors, administrators and advocates.  According to a recent OSU survey of undergraduates, one of the strongest predictors of student retention and persistence is developing a strong relationship with an OSU faculty member.

In the College of Agricultural Sciences, we maintain a very low student-to-advisor ratio.  This allows additional personal attention for students so advisors:

  • know their academic progress;
  • know their future career and professional interests;
  • know their family; and
  • know their personal passions and directions. 

Advisors are able to meaningfully connect their students to opportunities within and outside OSU, helping students to make the most of their time through the undergraduate experience.  The increased personal attention to student has led to higher graduation rates, retention and student satisfaction.  Here are three testimonials from current students within the college about their student-advisor relationship:

"The relationship that I have been able to build with my advisor in such a short amount of time has been outstanding…..My advisor is a key resource that I know I can utilize better than any other across campus… it is that sort of connection that has helped me in more ways than one."

Sam – Food Science and Technology


"I came to OSU as a different major than I am now... My new academic advisor assured me that if there is a will, there's a way. .. my advisor has helped me grow professionally by introducing me to many campus events I had no idea about."

Bailey – Agricultural Sciences


"My advisor has been amazing in helping me plan not only my classes, but numerous other activities that are important for my success…My advisor has taken the time to know who I am and what my aspirations are. My advisor can point me in the best direction for me to accomplish my goals."

Jon – BioResource Research


Group discussionStudents across the college have developed strong relationships with their academic advisors.  Advisors make the effort to be a first point of contact for students from their first day on campus.

To students:  Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, experience and connections of your academic advisor.  Be confident you will receive information and resources to maximize your experience in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

To faculty:  Be sure to let advisors know about student opportunities.  Advisors will be quick to recommend the ideal student candidates with the passion, dedication and skill set for your projects.

To alumni:  Take pride in the strength of the college’s advising and individual advisors.  If you benefitted from the connection, expertise and support of an academic advisor, please let them know!