In the College of Agricultural Sciences, expect the unexpected. You can gain an education to pursue a diverse set of careers. There are literally hundreds of career paths.

Because of the numerous and diverse career opportunities within agricultural sciences, the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) offers eleven undergraduate majors that include more than forty areas in which you can specialize, called options.

The Path from High School to College

The process of stepping from the comfort of high school to the unknowns of college can be confusing — and even a bit daunting. This checklist is designed to take some of the mystery out of the process and prepare you for that day you arrive on campus and attend your first college class.

Transfer Students

Transferring to Oregon State
Community College Transfer Tables

Diversity Resources

Diversity and inclusiveness are central values in the College of Agricultural Sciences. We have students from all kinds of backgrounds studying all kinds of programs and work with them to ensure their success in the college and at the university.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

STEM covers programs in Plant Biology, Chemistry, Animal Biology, Mathematics, Technology, and Policy Management

OSU Experience

This is your time to explore both inside and outside the classroom. Engage in life-changing experiences that will challenge your viewpoint, expand your thinking and strengthen your resolve to create a positive change in Oregon and beyond. You are growing and developing as a leader — exploring the issues that are most important to you. And OSU is here to ensure you have guidance and support on your educational journey.


Becoming an Undergraduate Student

Becoming a Graduate Student

Oregon State University is an ideal place for your graduate work because it offers a wealth of strong programs in the agricultural and natural resource sciences.

And with the breadth and depth of offerings in these areas, the College of Agricultural Sciences and other colleges at OSU are likely to have a program that matches your goals and interests.

Don't hesitate to contact the graduate program coordinators if you have questions or would like any additional information about our programs.