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BES Internships

The Branch Experiment Stations (BES) for the College of Agricultural Sciences are pleased to announce an exciting experiential learning opportunity for Oregon State University undergraduate students.  The Branch Experiment Stations are off-campus research facilities located across Oregon.  They are located in regions of Oregon where they can have the most impact in helping stakeholders (farmers, ranchers, fishermen, food processing entrepreneurs) to address the critical issues specific to that locale.  

Successful applicants will be provided an hourly wage, with some locations also providing housing.  Applicants will be expected to spend between ten and thirteen weeks at the BES location locale.

Interns are required to complete a written report (either a research paper, extension paper, or a weekly blog) and create and present a research poster at the October College of Agricultural Sciences Experiential Expo.

Funding for the experiential learning experience is for the stated period and is limited to students enrolled as OSU undergraduates at the time of application and for the term following completion of the stated period (students classified as graduate students or in Veterinary Medicine are not eligible to apply or receive an award).

  • Only one award per year, per student, is allowed.
  • Students may apply more than once, but may not apply for the same location or faculty mentor.
  • Only students who are currently enrolled and taking classes at Oregon State as undergraduates at the time of application submission are eligible to apply. For questions about eligiblity requirements, please contact Christina Walsh, Student Engagement Coordinator.

Application Materials

Interested students must complete the following:

  1. Complete the student information sheet and upload a current resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should address why you are applying, what skills and qualifications you have that make you qualified for this program, and how this internship relates to your goals. Submit this information no later than 11:59 p.m., TBA, 2019.
    • Web form Application
  2. Upload an unofficial transcript;
  3. Submit inquires and question to Christina Walsh, Student Engagement Coordinator, Academic Programs Office. 

Projects by Location