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College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) Preview

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This session is designed for students in the process of exploring options for college.  You will learn about CAS academic programs, opportunities for engagement and experiential learning, and more.  Current students will share their experiences and answer questions about what it’s like to be a Beaver!

College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) Next Steps

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This session is designed for admitted first-year and transfer students.  You will have a chance to take a deeper dive into CAS academic programs, opportunities for engagement and experiential learning, and career services for OSU students.  Staff will be present to answer questions about what next steps you should take to prepare to start at OSU for Fall 2020.  Current students will share resources and opportunities available to make your journey at OSU the best it can be!

Connect with a current student to learn more every Friday - Sessions Start at 2pm

Do you want to know more about what The College of Agricultural Sciences is all about? Would you like to chat with a current student and learn more about academic majors and opportunities CAS has to offer? Come chat with friendly CAS Student Ambassadors who are excited to share their experiences with you!

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Chat with a CAS Faculty Member - TBD - from 5-6pm

We are currenlty working on scheduleing the next set of Faculty Chat sessions.

Watch this 3 minute video to see the amazing things that are happening in the college.

Stories of Current Agsci Students

A great way to find out about opportunities and career options is to read stories from other students. 

Faces of AgSci is a digital magazine that features students and alumni from the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU. We aim to celebrate the diversity of our research and our community, showcasing not only the science, but the humanity behind it as well. 

New Fields

A blog dedicated to the current events of the College of Agricultural Sciences' student body

Student Clubs and Organizations

The College of Agricultural Sciences has dozens of clubs and activities that will help you find like-minded communities, make contacts to find internships and jobs after graduation, and have a ton of fun along the way. Check out the options and opportunities available to our students. 

Graduate Programs in Agriculture