We offer the following programs and degrees.


Undergraduate Bachelors of Science Degree:

Agricultural SciencesOur undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences is offered on the Corvallis Campus, the OSU Extended Campus, and at Eastern Oregon University in LaGrande.

Agricultural Sciences is an undergraduate studies program that provides flexibility in designing and structuring a course of study to meet the students' individual career goals. The goal of the Agricultural Sciences program is to help students identify the agricultural career in which they are most interested and build a course of study that will qualify each student for his or her chosen profession. Advising is of paramount importance in this process and major emphasis is placed on career advising.

Areas you can emphasize within this program are general agricultureleadership and communication, and teacher preparation.


Minors: Open to all OSU students

Agricultural Sciences Minor (Corvallis campus): This minor is for any student interested in developing their knowledge about agricultural sciences.

OSU Leadership Minor (Corvallis campus and Extended Campus): This minor applies to students of all majors and is intended to enhance the leadership potential of students throughout the university. If you are interested in developing your leadership potential, the Leadership Minor is for you! 

Comparative International Agriculture Minor : The minor provides students with formal instruction in international agricultural concepts and practical experiences through global awareness coursework, language immersion via study/research abroad, and/or international fieldwork. The 27 credit hour curriculum prepares students for successful post-baccalaureate international careers, or those seeking graduate studies in international agriculture programs. Students critically examine current international agricultural issues and/or diversity and communications. To be eligible to apply for this minor, students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher and be in good standing with Oregon State University.


Graduate Degrees:

Master’s in Agricultural Education (Corvallis campus): The Agricultural Education degree is a graduate degree and licensure program with the primary mission to prepare qualified agricultural educators for a variety of roles in education and agriculture. The department provides a primary source of teachers of agriculture and offers service and leadership to the teaching profession.


Other Department Opportunities:

Leadership Academy: The Leadership Academy is a one-year, not-for-credit program open to all undergradates in the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry. Selected students evaluate their leadership strengths and areas for growth and set goals for long- and short-term leadership development. To learn more, go to the Leadership Academy page!

CASE Institute:  CASE Institute is a professional development workshop to provide teachers training for the instruction related to a specific CASE course. CASE Institute sessions provide teachers important background related to the pedagogy used in CASE curricula and practice teaching various lessons to prepare them for classroom instruction.

Summer Ag InstituteSummer Ag Institute (SAI) is a three-credit, action-packed week-long, graduate-level class through Oregon State University that educates K-12 teachers with little or no background in agriculture. The goal of SAI is to help educators use agriculture as a context for teaching core academics - science, math, social students, and english.