Welcome to your source of advising help! 

We are Dawn Moyer and Melissa Millhollin and it is our goal to help you reach your graduation goals! We aim to provide as much advising and guidance as you need while you pursue a degree in Agricultural Sciences online or on campus. We also help advise when it comes to some of our minors such as Leadership, Agricultural Sciences, Comparative International Agriculture, and Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Communications. We can help you look for internships as well! 


We are taking our advising online! With all of the changes in location for faculty, staff and students spring term, we are moving all of our advising appointments to Zoom, effective immediately. Know that we are available to connect with you for advising and encourage you to use our Bookings link below to schedule appointments. If your advisor is someone other than Melissa or Dawn, you may reach out to them via email.


For a 30-minute remote/distance appointment with Melissa Millhollin, click here.

For a 30-minute remote/distance appointment with Dawn Moyer, click here


For More Information On How to Prepare For Online Advising:
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