Agricultural Education Minor

What is Agricultural Education?

Agricultural education combines leadership development, experiential learning, and classroom instruction to teach others the importance of agriculture, food, and natural resources. Agricultural educators teach (both formally and informally) these subjects using a variety of content areas such as science, communication, leadership, math, and technology. A person who receives a degree in Agricultural Education is not solely locked into teaching. Potential occupations also include lobbyist, professional facilitator, industry communication director, and Extension work.

Why Ag Ed? 

Today, more and more people are generationally and geographically removed from agriculture, which is why agricultural education is so needed. In fact, there is currently a national shortage of agriculture teachers. Agricultural educators can teach others how agriculture and natural resources can impact the economy, environment, legislation, and food supply/security. Study agricultural education at Oregon State and help teach others about the most vital industry which not only fuels and clothes us, but bring us all together at the dinner table: agriculture.

A minor that works for you

The is minor is designed for students who are considering a future career in agricultural or outdoor education, either as a teacher, non-formal educator or community education coordinator. It provides a transcript-visible credential demonstrating formal learning related to hands-on education and educational philosophy, with an emphasis on field-based learning.

The Agricultural Education Minor is available to all OSU undergraduates with On-campus and Ecampus options.

Core Agricultural Education Courses:

AED 235 - Introduction to Agricultural Education

AED 313 - Early Field Experience

ED 216 - Purpose, Structure and Function of Education in Democracy

ED 253 - Learning Across the Lifespan

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Are you wanting to take your passion for Agricultural Education further? Consider a Master's Degree in Agricultural Education.

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