The Ag & NR Ambassadors @ EOU serve as student representatives of Oregon State University, Eastern Oregon University, and the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences.  The Ag & NR Ambassadors participate in promotional and recruiting activities including on and off campus events, professional conferences, as well as stakeholder and alumni events.  In essence the Ag & NR Ambassadors are the student ‘face’ of the OSU Ag & NR Program @ Eastern Oregon University. 

OSU Ag & NR Ambassadors are selected during winter term through an application and interview process.  Selected ambassadors are then required to attend EOU’s Student Ambassador Training program to develop their leadership, teamwork and presentation skills.  Selected ambassadors receive a $1200 scholarship, along with official ambassador dress and privileges. 

If you are interested in having the OSU Ag & NR Ambassadors visit your program or school to learn more about the OSU Ag & NR Program @ EOU, please contact us at 541-962-3612 or email


2019-20 Ambassadors

Abigail Berhorst

Junior majoring in Agricultural Sciences
Minor in Business Administration

I grew up in a small, rural community raising sheep and hogs on my family’s farm in Yamhill, Oregon. I found my passion for agriculture my freshman year of high school when I became active in my FFA Chapter. This organization and my FFA advisor had a great impact on me during my time as an active member.  This motivated me to pursue a degree in something I am truly passionate about: Ag Education.  Through FFA, I had the opportunities to travel around the State of Oregon for competitions and learn more about the agriculture industry. My chapter travelled to Eastern Oregon for multiple events and I immediately fell in love with the area. That is when I became interested in Eastern Oregon University and the OSU/EOU partnership program. Growing up in a small school district, I was looking for a college where I could still make personal connections with my classmates and professors. After meeting with the OSU/EOU faculty and professors, I discovered EOU had everything I was looking for in a college, from smaller class sizes to an immediate sense of belonging. 

I am currently a junior studying Agricultural Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. After I complete my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences, I will continue my education to earn a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Education in Corvallis.  I will pursue a career as a high school Ag teacher and FFA advisor with the goal of making a positive impact on future generations in agriculture. I look forward to serving as an OSU Ambassador for the 2019-20 academic year!

Wyatt Neal 

Junior majoring in Agricultural Sciences
Minor in Rangeland Ecology and Management

I knew from a very young age Agriculture was for me. I first attended Montana State University and competed on their Rodeo and Livestock Judging teams. After a term, I decided moving closer to home was the best option and the OSU Agriculture and Natural Resource Program at Eastern Oregon caught my eye. I visited the EOU campus and met with the Academic Program Coordinator, Michelle Hines, and Chad Mueller, Animal Science Senior Instructor.  I then knew this was the place for me!  The campus has a small community persona and the students in the Ag program have not only become my friends, they are my second family.


Emily Sandberg 

Senior majoring in Agricultural Sciences (OSU) and Business Administration with a concentration in Global Foods and Agri-Business (EOU)
Minors in Animal Sciences and Crop Sciences

I was born and raised on a small farm outside of Newberg, Oregon, where I grew to love agriculture. Throughout school I was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA and raised sheep. These two organizations have taught me so much about the different sectors of agriculture, as well as providing me the opportunity to meet people in the agriculture industry.

After high school, enrolling in a small college with an agriculture program was something I knew I wanted to do. When I visited EOU, I was introduced to an OSU Ambassador. I knew right then and there La Grande was the perfect fit! I enjoy the OSU Ag Program in La Grande because class sizes are small and you get to know the professors, who truly care about the students and want you to succeed.

Over the past two years, I have been and EOU Ambassador. I have really fallen in love with this campus and connecting with prospective students. I am excited to travel, learn and recruit for the best hidden secret within the state of Oregon - Oregon State University's Agricultural and Natural Resource Program at EOU!

Ethan Gallant 

Junior majoring in Agricultural Sciences
Minor in Business Administration

I grew up on a hay farm in Boring, Oregon and currently work for Rovey Farms in Union. After I graduate, I plan to partner with my dad on our family farm. I will be a 5th generation farmer in the Gallant family.

I chose to attend EOU because I love the small town feel and like how agriculturally centered this town is. My mom, aunt, and uncle all attended EOU, so I have always considered EOU an option. When I decided I wanted to study agriculture in college, I discovered OSU offers Ag degrees at EOU, and then my mind was set.


2018-19 Ambassadors

 Amanda Courtois - EOU Biology/OSU Agricultural Sciences Minor; Weiser, ID

 Hayley Hall - Agricultural Sciences; Paradise Valley, NV

John O'Toole - Agricultural Sciences; Drewsey, OR

Eduardo Salas Rodriguez - Crop and Soil Sciences; Mattawa, WA


2017-18 Ambassadors

Samantha Buhrig – Agriculture Sciences; Vale, OR

Codie Lagao – Agriculture Sciences; Sisters, OR

Katie Sotelo – Agriculture Sciences; Milton Freewater, OR


2016-17 Ambassadors

Tess Hamby - Agricultural Sciences

Olivia Morton - Agricultural Sciences

Wyatt Rodin - Natural Resources

Katie Sotelo - Agricultural Sciences


2015-16 Ambassadors

Myranda McFetridge - Agricultural Sciences

Wyatt Rodin - Natural Resources

Brandi White - Natural Resources



2014-15 Ambassadors

Celena Hefner - Agricultural Sciences and Business Administration

Marco Juarez - Agricultural Sciences

Kristine McMurray - Agricultural Sciences and Business Administration

Jessican Scriven - Agricultural Sciences