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The Department of Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences (formerly General Agriculture) is one of twelve departments within the College of Agricultural Sciences. We are headquartered on the OSU Corvallis campus in Strand Agriculture Hall. 

Vision and Mission

We envision ourselves to be preparers of leaders, communicators, and educators to meet the demands of 21st century agriculture, and those served by it.

 We believe it is our mission and purpose to:

  • Prepare career-ready leaders and communicators in agriculture for careers in the agricultural sciences, and to be leaders and advocates for the agricultural industry.

  • Prepare energetic, effective, and qualified teachers for 21st century secondary agricultural education programs.

  • Guide and influence rigorous professional development of agriculture teachers.

  • Create new knowledge about teaching and learning in agricultural education broadly defined.

  • Guide students toward critical thinking and career preparation within leadership, agricultural education, communication, and agricultural sciences.

  • Create openings for students to explore general agriculture and build life/work skills that will further the industry.

  • Maintain a student-centered culture and environment that develops the technical, social, and leadership skills of students.

  • Recognize and honor the diverse talents, needs, and capabilities of our students.

  • To contribute substantially to the overall mission of the college and university.


Departmental Degrees and Minors

Undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences

  • BS in Agricultural Sciences - The agricultural sciences undergraduate degree prepares students for a variety of paths and includes core content around agriculture business management, introductory soil science, leadership, and communications. Students add additional technical agricultural courses from pre-approved content areas to create a personalized emphasis related to a career goal within agriculture.

Masters degree in Agricultural Education

  • Professional Teacher Education Program.

Minors offered through our department:

  • Comparative International Agriculture Minor

  • Agricultural Sciences Minor

  • OSU Leadership Minor