Master's Degree in Agricultural Education

Master's Degree in Agricultural Education 

The Agricultural Education master's degree is a graduate degree and licensure program with the primary mission to prepare qualified agricultural educators for a variety of roles in education, agriculture, and natural resources. The one-year, 45-credit, accelerated master’s degree program combines agricultural and natural resources content knowledge with practical teaching and learning experiences, in order to prepare teacher candidates to educate secondary individuals in formal school-based agriculture programs, as well as in non-formal educational program settings. Successful completion of this program results in a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Education and is the only agriculture teacher education program in Oregon leading to teacher licensure with endorsements in CTE (career and technical education) and Agriculture. In addition, program participants will be provided the opportunity to interact and collaborate with preservice and inservice teachers from across the state of Oregon, and connect with the Oregon FFA Association and Oregon Team AgEd, as well as the OSU Agricultural Education clubs. Check out our current cohort here!


application steps

  • LEAD 242 (3) Personal Leadership (W on campus; W Sp and Su online) OR
  • LEAD 342 (3) Team and Organizational Leadership (Sp and Su online: Sp on campus)
  • AG 221 (3) Metals & Welding (Sp - recommended but current ly not offered)
  • AG 312 (3) Engine Theory & Operation (W - recommended but currently not offered at OSU) OR
  • AG 391 (3) Farm Implements (online F and Su)
  • AG 412 (3) Agricultural Safety and Health (W on campus and online; Su online)
  • ANS 121 (4) Introduction to Animal Sciences (all terms and online)
  • ANS 313 (4) Applied Animal Nutrition (W) OR equivalent nutrition course/series
  • ANS 231 (3) Livestock Evaluation (Sp) OR
  • ANS 230 (3) Dairy Evaluation OR equivalent experience
  • SOIL 205 (3) with SOIL 206 (1) Soil Science plus lab OR equivalent soils course (all terms)
  • CROP/HORT 300 (4) Introduction to Crop Production OR equivalent crops course (F)
  • HORT 301 (3) Principles of Horticulture AND (F campus and online)
  • HORT 311 (4) Plant Propagation (W) OR
  • HORT 351 (4) Floriculture and Greenhouse Systems (Sp alternate years with 361) OR
  • HORT 361 (4) Plant Nursery Systems (Sp alternate years with 351)
  • AEC 211 (4) Management in Agriculture (W on campus; Su online) (Has an AEC 250 or ECON 201 pre-req.)
  • AEC 221 (3) Marketing in Agriculture (Sp)
  • AED 313 (4) Theory and Practice Ill: Field Experience (all terms) Recommended Junior Year
  • ED 253 (3) Learning Across the Lifespan OR equivalent course (all terms)
  • ED 216 (3) Purpose, Structure, Function of Education in a Democracy OR equivalent course (all terms)
  • ED 219 (3) Multicultural Issues in Education OR equivalent course OR pass the ORELA test (all terms) AND 1040 hours of documented experience in Agriculture

NOTE: Any additional agriculture credits you have in your degree - above 180 credit - at the 400 level can be used to qualify as a College Credit Now instructor.

**if you have questions about waiving or replacing a prerequisite course, please email Dr. Josh Stewart at


Testing is a moving target. Students are responsible for checking that the accepted tests have not changed


Students interested in applying for the Agricultural Education Masters Program should apply the February before you would begin the Master's program. For example, if you are wanting to apply to the 2020-2021 program, you would apply by the third Friday of February of 2020 (February 21st) to start the program in August of 2020 and graduate in June of 2021. 

Applications are due the third Friday in February. Applications for the 2022-23 agricultural education cohort (starting the program Fall 2022) are due by Friday, February 18th at 5 pm. 

The application is linked below:

Masters of Agricultural Education Application Packet

Applications are also available in the main office (Strand Agriculture Hall 108) and upon request. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Dr. Josh Stewart at

**If you are worried about reaching the application deadline, please contact Dr. Stewart.


In March-April you will be interviewed and, if accepted, admitted to the program and placed for student teaching. You will also need to be accepted for admission to Graduate School at OSU.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work.
  • Demonstrate mastery of subject material.
  • Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner.
Agricultural Education
Master of Science (M.S.)
Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.I.S.)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Department of Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences
Class Location: 
Corvallis Campus