Frequently Asked Questions

Course Planning

Term offerings for all current or active term university classes can be found through the OSU Catalog Schedule of Classes. An easy way to look for an individual course or a subject is to use the Quick-Jump. 

Yes! For students interested in graduate school, a GRAD 420 Graduate School Preparation course is offered for 1 credit each term. 

Appointments & Registration

Students should have a tentative schedule in their MyDegrees planner.

Tutorial: How to make a future term plan in MyDegrees

Setup an advising appointment by contacting our department. 

Phone: 541-737-2661 

Corvallis Campus

Students need to contact their advisor and schedule an advising appointment. PINs are generally not distributed by email, unless a student is unable to meet on campus.


Email your advisor for instructions on how to get your PIN. 

Students should contact their Advisor if you plan for a break from active enrollment. Students may return to take courses within three terms (not including summer) without needing to reapply. If a student is absent four or more terms (not including summer) they need to apply for readmission. Please refer to the Returning Students information on the Registrar's office. 

Students are allowed to S/U baccalaureate core courses, and "choose from" areas in the Ag Sci major. Stand alone major requirements, eg; BIO 101 cannot be S/U'ed.

S/U forms must be signed by an advisor and submitted to the Registrar's Office by Friday of the seventh week each term. 

The Academic Calendar will show the Priority Registration schedule and other registration deadlines. Please refer to the Registrar's website for information about withdrawing from a course. To find out how this may affect a student's financial aid please refer to the Financial Aid website onSatisfactory Academic Progress

Please refer to the Registrar's website on how to Withdraw for the Term. Please make sure to complete the withdrawal survey to complete the process. If a student is on Financial Aid they will need to contact the office of Financial Aid, and may need to repay any aid that they have received. Please reference theFinancial Aid website on withdrawing.

Ecampus (same price for Oregon residents, out-of-state residents, and international residents)

Corvallis Campus

Summer Session (all tuition is in-state)

See the Tuition Comparison Chart to compare Ecampus and Corvallis Campus rates. Students taking a mixture of courses pay separate tuition and fees for each campus and those are added together. This can end up being quite expensive so students should talk to an advisor if they are unsure what to do.  

The Academic Calendar will show the Priority Registration schedule and other registration deadlines registration will begin around week 7 of every term for the following term. Summer registration usually begins mid-April. 

To find a student's exact registration time and check for any registrations holds, log in to Online Services, select "Registration", and then select "Check Your Registration Status." Tutorials: Adding a Course;Dropping a Course


Students can login to Online Services, MyOSU. Then click "Student" tab and find MyDegrees link under "My Student Stuff." 

MyDegrees has a planner tab. 

Your advisor will untilize this during advising appointments and save course ideas and PIN numbers here. 

As a student, you can use the planner funciton to save course ideas, as well. 

The MyDegrees offers several tutorials for students, including: Degree Checklist, What If, GPA Calculator and Academic Planner.

Retention & Academic Standing

Agricultural Sciences follows the University's grading policy, a D- is passing. According to AR 20 If a student fails a class they can retake the course and the second grade is the one that counts towards their GPA only if they retake it at OSU.

Students on academic warning or probation should contact their faculty advisor to discuss options for improving their success here at OSU. First year students on warning or probabtion should contact Melanie Jones to discuss hold removal. In addition, students should read the regulations on Academic Standing and refer to the Registrar's Guide to Resources. Students on academic suspension should read the regulations on Academic Suspension and the guidelines for reinstatement. It is best to discuss reinstatement options with your advisor. 

Transfer Students or Dual Enrolled

Yes! Students may elect to take lower division courses at a community college and a good option is to be enrolled in the Degree Partnership Program. The following are subjects that students can focus on: biology, general chemistry, mathematics, and the baccalaureate core requirements. 

Sometimes a course doesn't satisfy OSU requirements or major requirements. Students may petition to have a transfer course substitute for a baccalaureate core or departmental requirement. To petition, fill out the following form, Petition Form, and return to your advisor or drop-off at the department. 

Career / Internship Resources

Internships are not required as part of our degree in Agricultural Sciences, but highly encouraged. Intern credit is available every term, including summers. Generally, internship credit is not available for prior work. 

Internship credits are variable, and based upon internship site hours across the span of the term. Students must submit an application to have the internship reviewed/approved. 

Please discuss your interest with your academic advisor, stop by our department office to gain a copy of the application or click here for further information

The Agricultural Sciences degree is an option for students who are exploring pathways in the field, and/or whose career goals do not align with another department within the college. OSU Career Development Center has a lot of resources for students.