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Introduction to Agricultural Education in Oregon and structured exposure to school aged children in a learning environment.


Early Field Experience is an advanced form of field instruction designed to be taken by agricultural education students prior to student teaching. The students are to assist in the classroom with instructional and non-instructional activities. They are to work with small groups primarily, although work with large groups may occur where the situation and competence of the university student allows.  Upon completion of this experience the university student should be ready for advancement to the Professional Teacher Education program. (See requirements for admission into the Professional Teacher Education program).

The role of the Early Field Experience student is to provide assistance in such activities as:

1. Supervising seatwork.
2. Planning instruction for individual and small/large groups.
3. Locating appropriate materials and supplies.
4. Tutoring and teaching small groups, and in some instances, the entire group.
5. Observe appropriate relationships and courtesy extended to administrators by the cooperating teacher.
6. Observe staff interrelationships.
7. Being involved with instruction and/or supervision of a student with special needs.
8. Attending teacher's meetings, in-service, and PTA, if the school desires.
9. Assisting with record keeping-attendance, inventories.
10. Helping with typing, photocopying, bulletin boards.
11. Sharing in room cleanup and light, heat, and space control.
12. Correcting papers.
13. Recording/maintaining records.
14. Learning techniques for teaching the culturally different.
15. Observing methods of teaching and how students learn.
16. Introduction to the AST program components of classroom, FFA, and SAE.
17. Learn classroom management techniques of cooperating teacher.

Cooperating teachers and principals are cautioned that Early Field Experience students have not taken methods classes or safety classes to this point in their teaching preparation, and consequently teaching assignments should be made with this fact in mind.